Collection of malayalam blue whale trolls

Malayalam Blue Whale Trolls

Malayalam blue whale trolls is a troll related to the online Blue Whale suicide challenge game has been banned by many countries.The game targets teenagers and assigns daily tasks for 50 days, which eventually encourages the user to commit suicide.

What is the content of the game and “issue”?

The game clears the tasks given every day.

Immediately after starting the game, it is possible to execute such as “watch horror movies all day”, “get up at 4:20 in the morning” and so on.
However, suddenly “extravagance of self-hurting” such as “scratch your body with a razor” and “carve a picture of a whale with your body with a razor or other cutlery” will be sent.

You will be asked to practice suicide at the time the parent’s eyes do not arrive, such as “get up early in the morning and climb the roof”, and
finally will be sent an instruction to jump off on the 50th day

Here is the Video related to this blue whale game.


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